Tuesday, September 11, 2007


i sometimes find the sensations i experience somewhat oddly composed. for example: i am soon to be married. i find in this thought a variety of feelings: relief; a romantic easiness; sexual arousal; irresistible smileyness; and, perhaps, etc. of particular interest to me, though, is the nature of the relief (just stop your mind right there: i'm not going there. well, not really). relief that wedding planning is over, that non-stop work is coming to a break, and that i will perhaps have more luxury time on my hands, etc. now, here is where i find my feelings oddly composed. Holly and i have a rather extensive collection of books that i have hardly been able to spend any time with this summer. usually my summers are centered on reading, and this summer i've largely missed it. so along with the relief of marriage is the excitement of having more time to read. but, i suppose because that excitement falls into thinking of marriage, when i find myself thinking of reading (just reading) after the wedding, i also experience feelings of a romantic easiness; irresistible smileyness; and, perhaps, etc. . . . . . . .
is that odd????

Saturday, September 8, 2007

wedding coming!

in just a little over two weeks i'll be having sex in the smoky mountains. obviously i'm pretty excited. excited enough to bring it up without any real point of having said it. i just wanted to boast.

i'll be glad, though, when all this wedding stuff is over. now, my life hasn't been as hectic as is often portrayed in movies like Father of the Bride and such, but there has been little time for pleasures like reading, and certainly almost no time for that incredibly time consuming (yet intensely pleasurable) task of writing. i haven't been so much running around trying to finalize wedding things, myself, though, as i have been trying to make up for about 2 1/2 months of not working this summer because i had a crumbled bit of wood-work for an arm.

an interesting phenomenon of having a wedding coming up is the number of puns that pop into your head, and into the heads of everyone around you. i'm sure that most of you have experienced this already, and that i don't need to go into details, but suffice it to say, my title is an example. for that very reason i left off adding "quick!"