Thursday, November 8, 2007

it's cold outside

i'm on my porch, wearing layers, smoking an absolutely wonderful cigar, and i can see my breath. those of you who know me at all know how special that is to me. it makes me want to write.


can you believe i spend my time thinking about this stuff? i think i am finally and irrevocably an academic. i actually think to myself, ooh, that'd make a great paper topic.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

up to date

welp, i was checking my counter the other day and noticed that some of you still check on this blog. it's rather embarrassing, then, that i haven't had the decency to update it in such a long time. so i thought i would let everyone in on what i'm up to, and what's consuming so much of my time.

1. first and foremost, i'm married, and looking for another job. i currently wait tables at the olive garden, and i'm hating every minute of it. i thus spend a lot of time missing my wife while i'm at work, and my friends who don't live nearby--which is all of them.

2. i was supposed to have an adjunct teaching position this fall, but it fell through when an emeritus professor stepped in and asked to teach. so i'm currently academically and professionally bored.

3. i'm working on a novel. i'm not sure how long it'll take since it's something i've never attempted before, but it's engaging, and i like thinking about it, at least.

4. i'm also toying with some pretty ambitious (if i do say so myself) ideas for an online poetry project that there's a good chance no one will ever see, but this project, along with some other writing projects, is primarily what has kept me from this blog. for those of you interested, and i assume that means the one or two people who still check up on this blog, if anything ever happens with it, i'll let you know immediately.