Friday, August 1, 2008

a good riddance

I imagine that for all of my good friends and readers of this blog there is a certain expectation that every post discovered here may, indeed, be the last. Let me ease your expectation by assuring you that this is the last. It's a little pitifully anti-climactic to announce the long-over-due retirement of a web log that didn't receive nearly enough attention from its composer, but the difference is mine. I always meant to do better things with it, and more frequent things too, but I find I no longer have any use for it. Honestly, I could have gone on typing to my heart's content with never a hit or a comment and enjoyed every minute of it (the exclusive, self-serving advantage of one who writes in order to read). But I guess I've used it up for what it was good for. Or, more accurately, I've begun something that doesn't include it. So this is it.

Thanks. It's been fun.